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A place of beginnings, old and new

Visit the birthplace of Saudi Arabia and walk in the footsteps of visionaries and kings.

Discover Diriyah.
The City of Earth.


Throughout history, Diriyah has been the Kingdom’s capital of culture and creativity, and has inspired kings, thinkers, as well as scholars throughout the centuries. From the Saudi Hafawah to the Ardah dance, culture is brought to life in every experience. 

As an epicenter for social, cultural, and intellectual exchange, Diriyah will offer a human centered way of life. A place of vibrant gatherings, where visitors and residents can celebrate living traditions and connect through stories of culture and heritage with friends old and new. 

By combining the unparalleled generosity of the people of Al Awja with state-of-the-art experiences and the finest hotels, Diriyah will offer an authentically memorable experience that will linger with visitors long after they diverge from The City of Earth. 



Bujairi Terrace

Wadi Hanifah

Bab Samhan


Explore the Kingdom's historic origins and our vision for its future.

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Arts & Culture
At-Turaif ‘Always On’
From December 2023Open daily all year round, discover UNESCO World Heritage Site At-Turaif…
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Live Performance
Family Friendly
2024 Diriyah E-Prix
From January 2024Start those engines, Diriyah Formula E World Championship 2024 races back...