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The source of our pride, culture and identity

A place of deep history and heritage, Diriyah is where Saudi Arabia's story begins.

Diriyah. The City of Earth

Diriyah has always been of new beginnings, a source of Saudi identity and national pride. A place of history and heritage, Diriyah, was born on an ancient crossroads of culture and trade, and rises through gatherings of artists, merchants and scientists into a globally connected city. 

Welcome to Diriyah

Our Story


The birthplace of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the ancestral home to the Al Saud family, Diriyah is a place of history and heritage to Saudis, a vital source of cultural identity and national pride. 

In the 18th century, Diriyah grew from an oasis settlement, established in a fertile bend in the Wadi Hanifah - Al Awja - into the capital of the First Saudi State, a new nation whose epic history determined the course of peoples and empires far beyond the borders of the Arabian Peninsula.

Today, Diriyah stands at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s plans for its future as a unique cultural capital, with UNESCO World Heritage site At-Turaif at its core.  A place of culture, innovation, and contemporary creativity, Diriyah will reacquaint Saudis with the lives and achievements of their ancestors and the living traditions, stories and history they share. 

A place of exploration, discovery and celebration, Diriyah links the kingdom’s present with its future and past. With The City of Earth, Saudi Arabia will introduce visitors to the charm and generosity of traditional Najdi culture and hospitality while inspiring the next generation to realize the ambitions of their ancestors by delivering prosperity for all.