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Starting 25 Jan 2024 to 8 March


Thursday to Saturday, from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am - Saturday from 5:00 pm to 12:00 am


Wadi Safar

Explore more this Diriyah Season by venturing off-the-beaten track to ‘Minzal’, an outdoor cultural center set within the rugged and unspoiled natural landscape of Wadi Safar.

A short drive from central Riyadh but a world away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Minzal encourages you to slow the pace, to recharge and reconnect with nature and heritage, as well as ignite your cultural curiosity.

Choose from a wide range of hands-on outdoor activities for all ages, interests, and abilities to enjoy, including equestrian pursuits such as horse-riding, grooming, and equine therapy at the stables; planting and astronomy and night sky programs such as stargazing.

Through its extensive program, Minzal celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of this lesser-known area of Diriyah.

Ticket Includes:

Luxurious transportations throughout Minzal

  • Khayyal (5PM – 9PM):

    • Horseback Riding

    • Grooming

  • Birwaz (5PM – 11PM):

    • Restaurant & Cafés

    • Workshops

    • Doors

    • Needle

    • Jar and Ladle

    • Retail

  • Adeem (5PM – 2AM):

    • Restaurant & Cafés

    • Community Drumming Circle - From 7:30 - 10:30

    • Interactive theater: Live DJ & Poetry reading

  • Madar (8:30PM – 12AM):

    • Stargazing

    • Storytelling

  • AlMashab (5PM – 11PM)

    • Bonfire

    • Social Gatherings

    • Restaurant and Shisha Café

General Ticket Terms and Conditions:

• Entry tickets are not refundable under any circumstances other than cancellation of the event.

• Entry tickets are not redeemable.

• All visitors to Minzal must comply with the rules and follow Diriyah Season’s instructions.

• Children aged fifteen (15) and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

• Children aged eleven (11) and under can’t enter Minzal.

• Government-issued photo ID may be required as proof of age.

• Food and drink are not permitted to be brought into Minzal (other than in certain circumstances, including for medical purposes, medically indicated nutritional supplements and baby food/baby formula).

• No ticket holders can request change of date.

• Tickets can be purchased through the Diriyah Season website or through the website of an authorized third party only. Tickets purchased fraudulently or from an unauthorized third party are invalid, and Diriyah Season accepts no responsibility for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties.

• All tickets permit one-time entry to Minzal and are valid for the selected date only.

• All tickets holders and their belongings may be subject to search when entering the venue. Prohibited and dangerous items will be confiscated. Diriyah Season reserves the right to deny admission or remove visitors from the precinct for any reason.

• Purchase of entry ticket does not guarantee table availability in Minzal restaurants. An individual restaurant reservation must be made through the online reservation platform to secure the reservation of choice.

Standard operating hours of Minzal are set out on Diriyah Seasons’ website. Operating hours are subject to change and may change at short notice. The following items and/or behaviors are not permitted within the precinct:

• Abusive or unruly behavior, whether verbal or physical.

• Weapons of any kind or potentially dangerous items including illicit drugs and substances.

• Clothing with offensive language or content.

• Clothing that identifies the wearer as emergency personnel unless the individual is an on-duty member of the emergency services.

• Outside food and beverage brought onto the premises (except where required for medical purposes, medically indicated nutritional supplements and baby food/baby formula). • Smoking in non-designated areas.

• Pets (except for service animals in special cases as determined by us).

• Coolers, suitcases, and bags with wheels.

• The use of two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicles, including segways, e-scooters or bicycles.

• The use of recreational devices such as remote-control drones, toys, scooters, inline skates, skateboards, or shoes with built-in wheels.

• The sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services for sale unless the seller or service provider is in possession of a valid license and permit.

• Photography, videotaping, or recording of any kind for commercial purpose without Diriyah Season’s prior written approval.

General Guidelines

• Diriyah Season reserves the right to deny admission for any reason and to remove visitors from the precinct if they fail to comply with these terms and conditions or any other applicable rules, regulations, or instructions. In these instances, there will be no right to refund.

• Dress and appearance must be suitable for a public space and in keeping with the culture and values of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Belongings must not be left unattended in the precinct.

• The safety and security of all visitors is of the utmost importance to DGCL. By entering the precinct, the visitor consents to searches, screenings and other security checks.

• The visitor accepts personal responsibility to ensure his/her own safety, considering any pre-existing medical conditions.

• Use of the precinct is at the visitor’s sole risk. Diriyah Season’s accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage sustained within the precinct and the visitor waives all claims against Diriyah Season in this respect, to the maximum extent permitted by law.


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Interested in taking part in Diriyah Season? We welcome applications from partners to host events.

Interested in taking part in Diriyah Season? We welcome applications from partners to host events.

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