Special Menus inBujairi Terrace

Bujairi Terrace offers an array of dining options from casual dining to international cuisines. Visit us for food offering including traditional Saudi signature dishes to Italian delights.

During the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, Bujairi Terrace will host an array of activities including traditional musicians, storytelling, Eid welcome reception, children’s themed workshops and traditional games and activities.  

First Day of Eid al-Fitr April 21, (2023)

Events and activations

Singer, producer and poet, Salwa finds her true self in the depth of creative and performing arts. Her passion lies in creating musical content that explores the human experience with its very different and very real emotional fluctuations.

Through her performances, she wants to create a space where people stop and take a moment to breathe and listen to real songs that make themfeel like themselves.


April 21 - April 29, (2023)

The enchanting sounds of the nay transport listeners to a peaceful time and place, evoking a sense of introspection and wonder. With a passion for traditional Middle Eastern music and a deep love for his cultural heritage, Fahd masterfully plays the nay, a reed flute, to create captivating and soulful sounds. He seamlessly blends traditional techniques with contemporary elements to create a unique and vibrant musical experience. Whether performing solo or as part of an ensemble, this Riyadh-based musician always enthralls audiences with his virtuosity and passion for the nay.


April 25 - April 30, (2023)

Yawan is a five-piece band who are passionate about transforming evenings into oriental havens through music. Armed with percussions, keyboard, oud, violin and vocals, this Saudi Arabian band loves to deliver upbeat rhythms and traditional Saudi tunes in lively, engaging performances.


April 21- April 29, (2023)

There is no doubt that Moenab, short for Mohamed Nabil, is the leading clarinet player in the Kingdom. Whether he’s performing as part of a band, or as a skillful soloist as was seen at the iconic Diriyah Nights, Nabil never misses a note, making him an irreplaceable asset in the Saudi Arabian music scene.

Weaving Najdi songs into his melodies, you’ll know you’re in the presence of this unique musician when your senses are taken over by a sound so rich it echoes through the space, given wings by his immaculate skills and talent as a clarinet player.


April 22 - April 28, (2023)

Playing the e-sax is Hazim’s second nature. As a self-taught musician he is becoming known for his skills, swift fingers and groovy rhythms. His repertoire is wide ranging across many genres but with a focus on Saudi and Egyptian songs. His captivating performances and undeniable skill make him stand out from the crowd.


Daily till 29 April, (2023)

In a stand-alone setting, the harp's graceful strings paint a musical portrait of elegance and divine beauty through gentle classical melodies and traditional Arabic songs, stirring the heart and inspiring the soul. Emotion travels through every strum of Silvia’s harp strings as she immerses herself and the audience into a world of serenity and tranquility. She performs solo on a full size 47 string harp, sharing much loved Arabic classics.


April 21 - April 25, (2023)

This self-taught Saudi musician and songwriter explores cultures and traditions to hone his own musical talents. The result takes you on a sonic trip around the world, orchestrated by Shadi's vocals and his oud strings. Al-Harbi’s music has transcended cultures, fusing everything from Turkish tunes and Saudi melodies with rock, jazz and blues. He has performed everywhere from the US to the UAE, collecting fans and cultural experiences along the way

Shadi Harbi

April 27 - April 29, (2023)

Puppet Master

A theatrical fairy tale about the exciting adventures of a kindhearted mischievous little camel, Hammadi. The story teaches children to value relationships, learn to respect their parents and elders, the importance of strong friendship as well as how to care for the Earth resources. Guided by his wise grandfather Hakim, with who teaches Hammadi about the value of life, respect for work as well as love for their land, as well as encouraged by his friends Mabrouk and Saghir, the story of Hammadi the camel will captures the hearts of all who watch it.

Puppet Show

April 21- April 28, (2023)

Pass on messages of Eid Mubarak to others at this wall of celebration. Pay it forward and brighten up somebody’s day with your message of celebration and positivity. Hang it on the wall for other visitors to read.

Celebration Wall

April 21 - April 30, (2023)

Activities AtAt-Turaif

At-Turaif offers an exciting and enriching program reviving some of the practices and traditions of the past during Eid al-Fitr, as well as narrating some of the stories of the leadership and acts of charity and benevolence of the Imams of the First Saudi State.

Pause for a delicious bite to eat and take in the breathtaking surroundings of the World Heritage Site in Café Bateel or Wacaf.

At-Turaif Program

Al Ardah

Location: In front of Salwa Palace

Be wowed by Al Ardah: a traditional powerful performance of war: the strength, unity, and victory of the leaders of At-Turaif.

Al Ardah

April 21 - 23, (2023)

Locations: In front of the Visitor Center and next to the Farmer’s House

In celebration of Eid and as a warm welcome to the World Heritage site, Dokhon coffee will be served to all visitors in two locations within At-Turaif: In front of the Visitor Center and next to the Farmer’s House

Eid Reception

April 21 - 29, (2023)

Rectangle 9

Location: Prince Thunayan Palace and throughout At-Turaif

Be entertained by As Samri: a joyful communal performance combining traditional poetry, rhythmic music and dance.

As Samri

April 21 - 29, (2023)

Location: Throughout At-Turaif

Gather the whole family for an immersive experience of Hawama, a traditional Eid chant that will be recited throughout At-Turaif.


April 21 - 24, (2023)

Rectangle 3

Location: Visitor Center

A Khat Ad-Diriyah demonstration, calligraphy from the city of Diriyah. Watch as the calligrapher writes your own name and leave with a souvenir from the City of Earth!

Tha Art of Diriyah Calligraphy

April 21 - 29, (2023)

Location: Next to Prince Meshari Palace

From roasting to tasting, learn the steps of making Al-Arid coffee, as well as the hospitality and rituals of the people of Al-Arid, while simulating the traditional Ramadan breakfast of coffee and dates.

Diriyah Coffee Workshop

April 21 - 29, (2023)

Location: At-Turaif Park

Set within At-Turaif Park, the first Diriyah Seasonal Market is the place to source seasonal, locally-grown fresh produce, as well as local craft items and special finds from across its many stalls.

Souq Al-Mawsim

APRIL 21 - 29, (2023)

Explore historical At-Turaif on a 30-minute guided walking tour. Offered every half hour (subject to capacity) in Arabic or English. Bookable onsite or in advance when purchasing a Diriyah Visitor Pass. Comfortable flat shoes advised.

Guided Tours

APRIL 21 - 29, (2023)