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Activities & EventsJune 28th – July 1st

From Riyadh’s heart, Ayas strums his Oud and Bouzouki, rooted in Saudi and Arabic melodies. Years as a solo performer, his music flows, enchanting all who hear his soulful echoes.


A band that brings the oud and violin to shine. Modernizing tradition, and honoring Saudi’s roots, each performance a spotlight on Saudi's sounds anew.

Oud Kamnja

Enjoy free Eid Al-Adha treats! Candy and balloons await you in select Bujairi spots, handed out by our friendly staff.

Candy Handouts & Helium Balloons:

The wool wall embodies Eid al-Adha as a time for community and family, with wool symbolizing the sacrificial sheep. Visitors in Bujairi can add their touches to the woven wall in the traditional Saudi style.

Woven Wool Wall

Get ready to be spellbound by the captivating world of bubbles! Our skilled entertainers will take you on a magical journey with mesmerizing bubble creations, mind-bending magic, and interactive science.

Bubble Show and Balloons