Special Menus inBujairi Terrace

Bujairi Terrace offers an array of dining options during the month including set Ramadan menus or a la carte offerings from casual dining to international cuisines. Visit us for the full Ramadan food offering including traditional Saudi signature dishes to Italian delights.

Diriyah Pass SAR 100.

Restaurant hours may vary.

During the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, Bujairi Terrace will host an array of activities including traditional musicians, storytelling, Eid welcome reception, children’s themed workshops and traditional games and activities.  

Ramadan: Daily, 4pm to 3am | Eid al-Fitr: First Day of Eid al-Fitr (April 21 TDB) - 6am t0 1am, free all day

Events and activations

Daily From 7:00pm

Location: Bujairi Terrace

Guiding the journey through Ramadan, we celebrate the cycles of the moon and its significance in a stunning visual spectacle that emphasizes its beauty and impact through poetry. “Radiating light, rising on the horizon and glittering like diamonds in the universe”.

Ode to the Moon

Daily till 29 April

Mud Brick

Daily From 7:00pm

Location: Bujairi Terrace

The earthen bricks, which stand in for the basis of the sacred past, represent the construction of resiliency, strength, and faith. The mesmerizing patterns and meticulous brick-layering allow viewers to consider the significance of this fortunate period.

Brick by Brick

Daily till 29 April

Puppet Master

Daily From 7:00pm

Location: Bujairi Terrace

Encourage your children to learn about the earth by watching our Planet No3 Children's Series puppet show, which is sure to delight, entertain, and excite all young audience members.

Puppet Show

Daily till 29 April

Fanoos | Diriyah | Bujairi Terrace

Daily From 7:00pm

Location: Bujairi Terrace

As each Ramadan night passes, an eye-catching light display illuminates to serve as a reminder to visitors of the significance of the holy month and to encourage reflection.

Ramadan Calendar

Daily till 29 April

Girls Dancing with Fanoos | Bujairi Terrace | Diriyah

Daily From 7:00pm

Location: Bujairi Terrace

Enjoy the vibrant and colorful Fanoos all throughout Bujairi Terrace, as it displays its vivid hues and illuminating light that offers guests a sense of home, family, and gives out a strong sense of Ramadan festivity.


Daily till 29 April

Daily From 7:00pm

Location: Bujairi Terrace

Be enchanted by the illuminating night sky as traditional poetry and calligraphy come together to create a perfect gentle shimmer of the moon.

Celestial Scripting - Illuminating

Daily till 29 April

Daily From 7:00pm

Location: Bujairi Terrace

Storytellers and poets regale tales from ancient traditions, tales of generosity, kindness, compassion, and humanity passed down through centuries.


Daily till 29 April

Interactive Sadu

Daily From 7:00pm

Location: Bujairi Terrace

Be part of a live production of this traditional Bedouin wool weaving craft, which UNESCO has designated as part of the Kingdom's intangible cultural heritage. Learn the techniques, bring your own creativity, and participate in this special collaboration.

Interactive Sadu

Daily till 29 April

Activities AtAt-Turaif

At-Turaif offers an exciting and enriching program reviving some of the practices and traditions of the past during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, as well as narrating some of the stories of the leadership and acts of charity and benevolence of the Imams of the First Saudi State.

Diriyah Pass SAR 100

Pause for a delicious bite to eat and take in the breathtaking surroundings of the World Heritage Site in Café Bateel or Wacaf.

Ramadan: Daily, 4pm to 3am (last entry 2am) | From Eid al-Fitr normal operating hours resume: 10am to 12am (last entry 11pm)

At-Turaif Program

Al Ardah

Time: April 21-23; hourly from 4pm to 11pm

Be wowed by Al Ardah: a traditional powerful performance of war: the strength, unity, and victory of the leaders of At-Turaif.

Al Ardah

Location: In front of Salwa Palace

Recommended age: 6 to 60 years

Time: Thursday/Friday/Saturday, 9:30pm to 2am

Listen to the stories of kinship and family connections underpinning this historical district whilst creating a family tree of one’s own.

Recreate Your Family Tree

Location: Next to Prince Meshari Palace

Recommended age: 12 years and above.

Time: Daily, 6pm to 2am

Learn about the sky and its association with the times of Iftar and Imsak during Ramadan. This is an educational and spiritual program, complete with telescopes and verses from the Qur’an, that speaks of the night sky and planetary movements in relation to Islamic rituals.

Discover the Ramadan Sky

Location: At-Turaif Mosque rooftop

Recommended age: open to all

Time: Daily, 6pm to 2am

All visitors are warmly welcome to gather as a community and break fast with coffee, water and dates against the spectacular backdrop of historic At-Turaif.

(In celebration of Eid and as a warm welcome to the World Heritage site, Dokhon coffee will be served to all visitors in two locations within At-Turaif: In front of the Visitor Center and next to the Farmer’s House)

Eid Reception

Locations: Next to Prince Mishari Palace; At-Turaif Mosque; next to the Farmer’s House

Rectangle 9

Time: April 21-29; hourly from 4pm to 11pm

Be entertained by As Samri: a joyful communal performance combining traditional poetry, rhythmic music and dance.

As Samri

Location: Prince Thunayan Palace and throughout At-Turaif

Recommended ages: open to all

Time: Daily, 4pm to 6pm

This walking trail has been specially created for Ramadan 2023 to take visitors on a discovery tour of the lesser-known places within the World Heritage Site.

Hidden Heritage Trail of At-Turaif

Location: Around At-Turaif - Start point: Visitor center

Recommended age: 12 years and above

Time: Daily, 9:30pm to 2am

The second installment of this immersive experience launches for Ramadan. The collection of documentary-style short films set within the rooms of a palace brings together the stories and memories of At-Turaif to explore and embrace the impact of its values in Saudi Arabia.

At-Turaif Retrospective: Descendants

Location: Prince Meshari bin Saud Palace

Recommended age: 7 years and above

Time: Tarawih prayer, daily 8.30pm to 10.00pm Tahajud prayer (end of Ramdan only), 12.30am to 1.30am

Historically, the mosques of At-Turaif were cleaned and prepared for Tarawih and Tahajud prayers during Ramadan. Those living around the mosques prepared coffee, dates, water and placed incense for worshippers to worship.

Tarawih and Tahajud Prayer time

Location: At-Turaif Mosque

Rectangle 3

Time: April 21 to 29; 10am to 11pm

A Khat Ad-Diriyah demonstration, calligraphy from the city of Diriyah. Watch as the calligrapher writes your own name and leave with a souvenir from the City of Earth!

Tha Art of Diriyah Calligraphy

Location: Visitor Center

Recommended age: 16 years and above

Time: April 21 to 29; 4pm to 10pm

From roasting to tasting, learn the steps of making Al-Arid coffee, as well as the hospitality and rituals of the people of Al-Arid, while simulating the traditional Ramadan breakfast of coffee and dates.

Diriyah Coffee Workshop

Location: Next to Prince Meshari Palace

Time: Daily, 9pm to 2am

Set within At-Turaif Park, the first Diriyah Seasonal Market is the place to source seasonal, locally-grown fresh produce, as well as local craft items and special finds from across its many stalls.

Souq Al-Mawsim

Location: At-Turaif Park

Meeting point: Information desk, next to the Visitor Center

Explore historical At-Turaif on a 30-minute guided walking tour. Offered every half hour (subject to capacity) in Arabic or English. Bookable onsite or in advance when purchasing a Diriyah Visitor Pass. Comfortable flat shoes advised.

Guided Tours

Also inDiriyah

Ramadan continues throughout Diriyah, and its parks and mosques, with events and activities that promote the family, community gathering and connectedness, and spiritual and physical wellbeing.
Rectangle 8

Time: April 21 to 24; 4pm to 10pm

Witness the majestic Arabian Horse live in the Horse Ring and discover what makes them so special and significant in the story of Saudi Arabia.

Diriyah Walkathon

Location: Horse Arena

Time: 10pm

Date: March 25, April 1, 8 and 15

A weekly storytelling session narrating authentic stories about the history of Diriyah. Each of the four sessions will end with a riddle for listeners – and prizes for the winning answers!

Learn more Diriyah Socials:

Diriyah Storytelling

Walk or run the Diriyah Cultural Trail. This Ramadan initiative promotes physical wellbeing and discovery of the district, with intervals showing the health benefits of the trail as well as facts and information on Diriyah.

Diriyah Cultural Trail

Time: April 21-24; 4pm to 10pm

Gather the whole family for an immersive experience of Hawama, a traditional Eid chant that will be recited throughout At-Turaif.


Location: Throughout At-Turaif