What's On At-Turaif

Explore At-Turaif on a 75-minute guided walking tour. Offered every half hour (subject to capacity) in Arabic or English. Bookable onsite or in advance when purchasing a Diriyah Visitor Pass. Comfortable flat shoes advised.

Guided Tours

Step back in time and experience daily life in At-Turaif during the First Saudi State through a series of immersive theatrical performances


Drop into a Khat Ad-Diriyah demonstration, calligraphy from the city of Diriyah. Calligraphy lessons to be announced soon!

Tha Art of Diriyah Calligraphy

Pause for a coffee whilst perusing the quiet streets of At-Turaif and enjoy Saudi coffee serving etiquette, rooted in the nation’s traditions of hospitality and generosity.

Saudi Coffee Experience

Enjoy family time and discover the many stories of At-Turaif through a range of art and craft activities for families and children.

Family Activities

Be wowed by Al Ardah: a traditional powerful performance of war: the strength, unity, and victory of the leaders of At-Turaif.

Al Ardah

Witness the majestic Arabian Horse live in the Horse Ring and discover what makes them so special and significant in the story of Saudi Arabia.

Arabian Horse Show

Discover the skills, techniques and process that went into making each mud brick that built the architectural marvel of At-Turaif. Have a go too at mixing and shaping a mud brick.

Mudbrick Making

Be entertained by As Samri: a joyful communal performance combining traditional poetry, rhythmic music and dance.

As Samri

Learn about the beauty and meaning of Diriyah’s iconic decoratively painted doors in an exhibition with accompanying talks and workshops

Diriyah Doors

Watch the majestic Salwa Palace, the ruling palace of the First Saudi State, spectacularly lit in a daily evening light show

Evening Light Show


A gallery celebrating the grace and strength of the formidable Arabian horse. The horse of Daily each evening kings and heroes, learn here about the importance of this breed in Saudi culture and history and explore its depiction through the eras. Children can take on a digital challenge by helping a messenger reach At-Turaif on their Arabian steed.

Arabian Horse Gallery

The residence of three past Al-Saud Imams, the Diriyah gallery houses a collection of manuscripts, coins, clothing and artefacts which tell the story of the First Saudi State.

Diriyah Gallery

A gallery dedicated to domestic daily life in 18th century At-Turaif and the roles and responsibilities and needs of social convention, privacy and environmental comfort.

Daily Life Gallery

A gallery narrating the stories of the First Saudi State's military history and campaigns, with displays showing 18th century arms, armor and militaria.

Military Gallery

A gallery dedicated to the traditional Nadji architectural principles which enabled buildings to withstand the hot and dry weather typical of the region, providing light and ventilation, both defensive and decorative elements, and shading.

Traditional Architecture Gallery

Please contact us to organize a school visit, group tour or for any other special request